RACV Country Club

RACV Country Club

Course Overview

Par: 72
Length (m):
Architect: Mike Clayton
Design Year: 2010 (New design)
Top 100: 80
RACV Country Club is a semi-private golf course however limited opportunities exist for non-members to play. Contact RACV Country Club for more information. Alternatively, contact GOLFSelect about golf holidays in Yarra Valley and Dandenongs, including RACV Country Club.

The RACV club at Healesville has recently been completely redesigned by well known golf course architect Michael Clayton. Large, severely undulating greens are hallmarks of the new course as are the craggy bunkers that Clayton is well known for.

The end result is a course that tests members and other golfers alike still set within the beautiful surrounds of well established bush and forest only 70 minutes from the centre of Melbourne.

Quality on site accommodation at RACV club allow you to get away from it all, play golf and also partake in a wide range of other activities.

Address and Contact Details

RACV Country Club
Yarra Glen Road
Healesville, Victoria, 3777
Tel: 03-5962-4899
Fax: 03-5962-3450

Location Map

Course Location Map  Driving Directions

Course Wallpaper Images

All wallpaper images by Gary Lisbon Golf Photography.

Note: If your golf club is interested in Gary undertaking a photo shoot of your course then please contact him personally on +61-3-9563-6776 or complete our enquiry form.

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Course Playing Tips

Hole 1, Par 4 (328 m)
The shot to the corner is straightforward - a long iron or fairway wood for most - but the approach to the green plays longer than you think so take an extra club.

Hole 2, Par 3 (134 m)
One of the smallest and flattest greens on the course, a well struck iron to the middle will leave a good chance of birdie. Much like the first hole, best to play an extra club.

Hole 3, Par 4 (335 m)
The slope of the fairway pushes most drives away to the right so hug the flatter, left half. The bunkerless green may look easy from the fairway, but looks can be deceiving.

Hole 4, Par 3 (176 m)
A tier running through the middle of the green divides the putting surface into a lower left and upper right section. Try and be on the half where the pin is.

Hole 5, Par 4 (351 m)
Any drive short of the hill leaves a blind second. Aim further right for the approach than you think and allow the slopes to feed the ball around the flag.

Hole 6, Par 4 (302 m)
Drive as close as you can to the right side of the fairway to leave an easier approach up the green and away from the bunker which eats-up any ball running near.

Hole 7, Par 4 (348 m)
The bunker short of the green does a good job of making the approach shorter than it is but the green is large and long and needs more club than you think.

Hole 8, Par 5 (423 m)
The green is one of the most undulating and fearsome on the course - approachwith caution. If the pin is near the creek, approach from well to the left.

Hole 9, Par 4 (287 m)
The fairway slope will push anything but the best tee shot away to the right, leaving the more difficult angle into the green.

Hole 10, Par 3 (130 m)
More often than not it's best to play at the middle of the green and take par, rather than flirt with any of the cavernous bunkers and risk ruining the day.

Hole 11, Par 163 (3 m)
The slope around this green feeds any shot landing short away to the right. The best line is usually a touch to the left of the centre - over the edge of the bunker short of the green.

Hole 12, Par 265 (4 m)
The sensible play here is an iron to the bottom of the hill. If the pin is on the left, play short of the big bunker, when the pin is on the right, keep to the left.

Hole 13, Par 141 (3 m)
The big bunker short of the green makes the shot seem a little shorter (and scarier) than it actually is, and being uphill also makes it play a touch longer.

Hole 14, Par 341 (4 m)
There's a slight advantage to those who can keep the ball to the right if the pin is tucked on the left side of the green, and vice versa if the pin is on the right.

Hole 15, Par 421 (5 m)
The further left you can hit your tee shot the better the angle up this green. Many will be able to try for the green in two, but if laying up play as close to the creek as you can.

Hole 16, Par 125 (3 m)
For most this is only a oitch or short iron, but the deep creek in front and bunkers beyond give this little shot plenty of teeth - aim for the middle!

Hole 17, Par 298 (4 m)
The tee shot looks imposing but the fairway is wide so hot freely. The green is a different story - another boldly contoured putting surface sloping off at the front, right and rear.

Hole 18, Par 304 (4 m)
This horseshoe green will be one of the most talked about on the course. The key to the approach is to position yourself on the same side of the fairway as the pin.

Course Dress Regulations

RACV Healesville provides a warm and friendly environment for members and guests and a neat tidy appearance is required at all times. For the comfort and convenience of all members and guests, your co-operation in adhering to the dress code guidelines is greatly appreciated. Smart casual is the minimum dress requirement for entry into the club. The RACV Healesville's Members Dining Room has separate dress regulations = Gentleman: Collared shirt is required and jacket is preferred. Ladies: Appropriate attire.

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