Yarra Yarra Golf Club

Yarra Yarra Golf Club

Course Overview

Par: 72
ACR: 72
Length (m): 6102
Architect: Alex Russell
Design Year: 1929
Top 100: 48
Yarra Yarra Golf Club is a private golf course. Guests must be accompanied by a member. Limited opportunities exist for interstate and overseas golfers to play Yarra Yarra Golf Club through GOLFSelect. Contact GOLFSelect for more information.

Yarra Yarra Golf Club is a par 72 course with its primary feature being its classic par 3 holes. Yarra Yarra is an enjoyable golf course that provides a level of challenge for both low and high handicappers alike.

Yarra Yarra is one of Australias oldest and premier private golf clubs and is located in Melbournes famous sandbelt region, only thirty-five minutes from the City of Melbourne. Previously the home of the Australian Womens Open Championship, this Dr Alister MacKenzie treasure is currently ranked in the top 50 courses within Australia.

The par 3 holes are generally characterised by ball catching bunkers and pronounced greens. In fact the 11th hole is a famous hole around the world with its 3 tiered green and wonderful bunker complex alongside the front portion of the green. Par is a good score on this hole. The 4th hole is not much in terms of its length (just over 100 metres) but what it lacks in yardage it makes up for in difficulty. Playing slightly uphill to a narrow green the hole is surrounded by bunkers often intimidating the golfer on the tee.

Back to back par 5 holes on the 8th and 9th provide semi-realistic birdie chances and the 18th hole is a reachable par 5 where birdies are relatively common.

Yarra Yarra is consistently presented in pristine condition with fairway conditioning routinely recognised as amongst the best in Australia. It is an enjoyable course for all standards of golfers.

Address and Contact Details

Yarra Yarra Golf Club
567 Warrigal Road
Bentleigh East, Victoria, 3165
Tel: 03 9575 0575
Pro: 03 9575 0595
Fax: 03 9575 0585

Location Map

Course Location Map  Driving Directions

Course Wallpaper Images

All wallpaper images by Gary Lisbon Golf Photography.

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Course Playing Tips

Hole 1, Par 3 (201 m)
This hole approaches a narrow green and calls for a long iron or wood approach. There are bunkers left and right, so being either short or long should not be a problem.

Hole 2, Par 4 (361 m)
The second hole is a dog leg to the right. Long hitters elect to use a long iron or 3 wood to avoid the fairway bunker on the right hand side of the fairway. The best line is at the white sign in the distance. The green is protected on the right by a large bunker and there are bunkers lurking at the back of the green. So, it is best to aim for the left hand side of the green.

Hole 3, Par 4 (293 m)
An accurate tee shot is a must. There are bunkers situated left and right of the fairway guarding a small landing area. A short iron can set you up for a birdie chance. Best to be below the hole. Bunkers situated front and back.

Hole 4, Par 3 (117 m)
A short uphill hole with a long green. Club selection and accuracy are vital. Bunkers right and deep bunkers left catch any stray shot.

Hole 5, Par 4 (400 m)
The fifth is a slight dog leg to the right and requires a well struck tee shot to the left centre of the fairway. A collection of bunkers, force you to a decide if you will lay up short, or go for the green, which is protected to the right and left by bunkers.

Hole 6, Par 4 (330 m)
A very tight par four requiring an accurate tee shot then an accurate approach shot can set up a birdie opportunity. Bunkers left and right call for an on target shot into the green.

Hole 7, Par 4 (371 m)
Long hitters attempt to carry the fairway bunker on the right opening up the green for a second shot with a long to medium iron.The front left hand side of the green is protected by a well positioned bunker. The green slopes slightly from the front to the back and drops away to the right making approach shots and putting rather difficult.

Hole 8, Par 5 (502 m)
Position the drive left of centre fairway to leave the second shot clear. A good drive and fairway wood for the second shot sets up a short pitch into the green.

Hole 9, Par 5 (479 m)
The ninth requires a drive to the right of centre avoiding the fairway bunkers on the left. The second shot is played to a right to left sloping fairway and needs to be kept right of centre avoiding the fairway bunker on the left. The ninth green contains many slopes and bumps, making approach shots and putting tough.

Hole 10, Par 4 (360 m)
All the trouble here is right. An accurate long iron should be positioned down the left side of the fairway. The second shot is a short iron approach. If you miss the green here its best to be short. The back, left and right sides of the green slope away.

Hole 11, Par 3 (168 m)
This is a tough hole. Bunkers guard the front of this elevated green and club selection is vital. A three tiered green makes putting difficult.

Hole 12, Par 4 (372 m)
The twelfth hole requires a tee shot in the left centre of the fairway avoiding the bunker on the right. The second shot is played to an elevated green sloping from the back to the front and dropping away considerably at the front of the green. It is a good idea to hit one more club than you think. Bunkers guard the left and right sides of the green.

Hole 13, Par 4 (419 m)
Rated number one on the course the thirteenth requires a long tee shot to carry the fairway bunkers and open up the green for your second shot. The green is long and has a large slope from back to front, which makes putting extremely difficult.

Hole 14, Par 4 (346 m)
This is a straight par four. Position the drive down the left centre of the fairway. The trouble here is the ride side of the green, which is guarded by a bunker.

Hole 15, Par 3 (149 m)
The trick on this hole is to be on the same level as the pin. Depending on the wind and the pin position, this hole can play short or very long. Bunkers guard the front, left and right sides of the green.

Hole 16, Par 5 (454 m)
The sixteenth hole offers long hitters the prospect of an eagle putt and most golfers a good chance at a birdie. The drive needs to be in the right centre of the fairway giving you the best line to attack the green with your second shot, which is the left centre of the green. Shorter hitters may elect to lay up short of the bunkers leaving you a pitch and a chance at a birdie.

Hole 17, Par 4 (366 m)
Trees tightly line the left and right sides of this fairway. Aim the drive down the middle of the fairway to set up a short iron approach. The approach shot is played slightly down hill to a large green.

Hole 18, Par 5 (442 m)
This is a great short par 5 hole giving you an excellent chance of finishing your round on a good note. The drive needs to be threaded between fairway bunkers left and right. Your second shot should be placed to the left, which opens up the green for a pitch shot. Long hitters can reach the green in two.

Course Dress Regulations


On Course

Players are expected to be suitably dressed for golf in a shirt designed for golf tucked inside tailored slacks or shorts. Tailored shorts must be of knee length, either worn with long socks, short white socks (plain white or predominantly white with a recognised golf club or golf manufacturers logo) or white anklet socks. All players must wear golf shoes.


Smart casual attire is acceptable providing it is commensurate with that expected of a prestigious private golf club. A tailored jacket and/or tie may be required in the Dining Room or Lounge on occasions as specified.

Unacceptable Dress

  • Shirts not designed for golf or not tucked in
  • Cargo shorts or pants
  • Three-quarter length pants (any length below the knee and above the ankle)
  • Slacks must not be worn tucked inside socks (unless designed to do so)
  • Black or coloured socks or white socks with markings (other than a golf Club or golf manufacturer's logo)
  • Ripple sole shoes or runners
  • Denim
  • Hats or caps in the Clubhouse
  • Dirty or unkempt attire


On Course

Neat tailored golfing attire must be worn on the course. Blouses and shirts must be tucked into slacks, shorts, skirts etc. unless they are tailored or specifically designed to be worn out, to hip length. All players must wear golf shoes.


Tailored slacks, tailored shorts (of regular length), skirt, blouse and knitwear. Ladies are expected to dress according to occasions as specified. Golf shoes with soft spikes may be worn in the Members' Bar.

Unacceptable Dress

  • Bare tops
  • Jeans
  • Cargo pants
  • Cargo shorts
  • Brief shorts
  • Track or leisure suits
  • Ripple sole shoes or runners
  • Hats or caps in the Clubhouse
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