Kingston Links

Kingston Links

Course Overview

Par: 72
ACR: 74
Length (m): 6178
Architect: Tony Cashmore
Design Year: 1995
Top 100: Not ranked
Kingston Links is a public golf course offering a wide range of playing times 7 days per week. Contact either Kingston Links or GOLFSelect for more information.

A prestige 18-hole championship golf links of international class, Kingston Links has been developed in the mould of the traditional links courses of Scotland and Ireland. Its undulating fairways wind through natural grasslands and watercourses leading to amphitheatre-like greens-a must for any golf enthusiasts.

Kingston Links, as its name suggests, is a links style golf course with 100% Santa Anna Couch fairways and pure 1019 Bent Grass Greens. Comprising undulating fairways with water on all holes it provides a challenge for all standards of golfers. Magnificent views over the Dandenong Mountains also help to create a memorable day.

Just 30 minutes away via the Monash Freeway is the heart of the city of Melbourne. The tract of land to our east and south is recognised around the world for both the quality and the quantity of its courses and for the players they have produced.

Kingston Links is a championship course in every sense, built to the highest standard, providing a unique challenge to all players.

Address and Contact Details

Kingston Links
Corporate Avenue
Rowville, Victoria, 3178
Tel: 03-9764-4520
Pro: 03-9764-4222
Fax: 03-9764-4570

Location Map

Course Location Map  Driving Directions

Course Wallpaper Images

All wallpaper images by Gary Lisbon Golf Photography.

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Course Playing Tips

Hole 1, Par 5 (450 m)
Kingston Links starts with a nice, easy, short par five. The best line from the tee is right of centre, towards the bunker on the right. The prevailing wind is behind you here so big hitters should guard against finishing in the bunker which is 272 metres

Hole 2, Par 4 (311 m)
This green can be driven by the big hitters but it needs a very good shot. The smart way to play it is to lay up short of the right bunker. This leaves just a wedge to the green for a birdie chance and two putts will secure your par.

Hole 3, Par 3 (173 m)
The third green slopes severely and the best play is to aim for the middle and walk off with a two-putt par. From the championship tee to the front edge is 147 metres and the water may intimidate some players. Just think about taking enough club to clear

Hole 4, Par 4 (415 m)
The best option for long hitters here is to take an iron and hit at the left bunker with a little fade. It is not wise to take on the bunkers on the right. This is a shorter route to the green but the slope behind the bunkers will carry the ball into the

Hole 5, Par 4 (431 m)
This is a long par four with out of bounds extending along the left-hand side. The ideal tee shot is at the bunker on the right with a little draw. In the right wind conditions long hitters can fly the bunkers on the left and set up an easy shot to the gr

Hole 6, Par 4 (260 m)
This is a short par four and the green can be driven if the tee shot is perfect. If it is not perfect, you end up in the water. Unless you are hitting the ball extremely well, it is wise to follow the advice on your scorecard and lay up. Hit the club you

Hole 7, Par 3 (143 m)
The correct club is the main thing here, especially if the pin is set on the right. You need enough to carry the front bunker and finish short of the trap at the rear. The green is 23 metres deep on the left but only eight metres over the bunker on the ri

Hole 8, Par 4 (373 m)
The line from the tee is straight down the middle. The water is 296 metres out from the championship markers and on this line is virtually unreachable. However, the water cuts in behind the bunker on the right and anything that carries the bunker will fin

Hole 9, Par 5 (510 m)
This is one of the longest holes at Kingston Links and driving is not easy for anyone because it gets quite narrow between bunkers on the right and bunkers and water on the left. The keys to playing it well are getting the drive in the fairway, then takin

Hole 10, Par 5 (442 m)
A short par five, but a difficult tee shot for big hitters because of the fairway bunkering. A long drive towards the right edge of the fairway may run through and into the water. An iron from the tee, laying up to the bunkers on the left, is a good optio

Hole 11, Par 3 (145 m)
Club selection is the main thing here, especially if the pin is set on the narrow, right section of the green. Attack here if you are feeling confident and the wind 8is not swirling but this is a hole that can jump up and grab you. The smart play is to ai

Hole 12, Par 4 (352 m)
This is a good driving hole. For long hitters, the trick is to avoid the bunkers that start 244 metres out on the left. After that it is only a wedge to the green. The bunkers on the right starting at 187 metres from the championship tees are a problem fo

Hole 13, Par 4 (329 m)
The longer your drive, the tougher this hole becomes. A big hitter could reach the green here downwind but it would require a deadly accurate shot because of the narrow landing area guarded by fairway bunkers and water. The smart way to play it is to hit

Hole 14, Par 5 (510 m)
This is my favourite par five. The ideal shot is aimed at the bunker on the right with a little draw to turn it back into the fairway. If you hit too far right you are faced with a long, blind second shot. All you can do from the pot bunkers on the left i

Hole 15, Par 4 (434 m)
The 15th is one of the toughest par fours in Australia. It has a wide, open fairway where you can really open your shoulders. However, it usually plays into the wind and you are faced with a long second shot to a green surrounded by bunkers and water. Any

Hole 16, Par 4 (333 m)
This short par four is a good driving hole. The main thing is to hit it into the fairway. People have a tendency to line up too far left on this tee. Check your alignment because the left of the fairway is lost ball territory. If you are driving well, use

Hole 17, Par 4 (405 m)
Off the tee there is more room to the right than most players think on this par four which doglegs to the left. The ideal tee shot is one aimed at the twin bunkers on the right with a draw. There is trouble down the left with a long fairway bunker and wat

Hole 18, Par 3 (162 m)
Club selection is important here. The green is large and using the right club is half the battle in hitting close to the hole. Check the pin position, observe what the wind is doing and check your distance. The carry from the championship markers to the f

Course Dress Regulations

  • Generally accepted golf clothing on course;
  • Golf attire acceptable in clubhouse;
  • No denim, sneakers, or shirts without collars;
  • Mobile phones in locker room or car park only;
  • Non-metal spikes are mandatory.
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