Bonville Golf Resort

Bonville Golf Resort

Course Overview

Par: 72
ACR: 72
Length (m): 5794
Architect: Terry Watson & Ted Sterling
Design Year: 1992
Top 100: 48
Bonville Golf Resort is a resort golf course offering a wide range of playing times 7 days per week. Contact either Bonville Golf Resort or GOLFSelect for more information.

Rated as one of the best resort courses in the country, this par 73 championship course rises and dips through elegant strands of rainforest, each fairway isolated and private from the next. Its great appeal lies in the fact it will stimulate and challenge golfers of every standard.

The only disturbance as you meander along in your whisper-quiet electric carts might be wildlife scuttling into the bushes or birds singing in the tree tops. Look closely into those same treetops and you might spy a family of koalas munching on the leaves of the Blackbutt, Ironbark and Tallowood trees. Indeed, Bonville is a natural sanctuary for a wide range of native species including the large black cockatoos, parakeets, water dragons and magnificent goannas. In the evening, swamp wallabies and small kangaroos graze on the light rough.

Address and Contact Details

Bonville Golf Resort
North Bonville Road
Bonville, New South Wales, 2441
Tel: 02-6653-4002
Pro: 02-6653-4544
Fax: 02-6653-4005

Location Map

Course Location Map  Driving Directions

Course Wallpaper Images

All wallpaper images by Gary Lisbon Golf Photography.

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Course Playing Tips

Hole 1, Par 4 (380 m)
The smart play here is to aim your tee shot towards the fairway bunker, avoiding the water on the right. Take one extra club when approaching the green to avoid cavernous bunker.

Hole 2, Par 4 (346 m)
A short dog leg requiring good positioning off the tee. Longer hitters may try to carry both bunkers, but most will be happy to carry the first one leaving them about 130m up hill to a relatively flat green. A little bit extra club is needed to reach the green.

Hole 3, Par 3 (183 m)
A tantalising par three with the majority of trouble on the left side. Balls landing on the right side of the green may bounce down onto the putting surface.

Hole 4, Par 5 (485 m)
Perfect placement with the tee shot leaves you right in the middle of the saddle. Be wary of the huge ravine which lies just out of sight from the teeing ground. Many a surprised look on peoples faces when told that their well hit second shot has disappeared down the gorge!

Hole 5, Par 3 (147 m)
A straight forward par three which penalises heavily for missing ont he left side. Most important to try and hit your ball onto the same tier as the flag.

Hole 6, Par 4 (335 m)
A testing par four. It takes a really good drive to clear the rise. THe second shot should be played to the left side of the green.

Hole 7, Par 5 (470 m)
A fairly wide par five which still causes its share of troubles. Avoid the fairway bunkers from the tee, then it's decision time. There is a hazard running across the fairway, approximately 70m from the green. Play over or play short? That is the question.

Hole 8, Par 3 (182 m)
A tough par three to return you to the Clubhouse. Out of bounds threatens if you stay too far left or long and there is a menacing bunker on the front right side. Correct club choice is essential.

Hole 9, Par 4 (324 m)
Placement is the key here. There is plenty of room to the right of the fairway bunkers, which will set up a mid iron to a tiered green. The longer hitters can hit over the bunkers from the tee but beware. Out of bounds on the left.

Hole 10, Par 5 (448 m)
The obvious way to attack this hole is - use extreme caution! It can be played as a three shot hole - island hopping way to the green, or you can try to hit as close as possible to the water off the tee, then attack the green with your second.

Hole 11, Par 3 (169 m)
An elevated par three with four different tee levels. The bank on the left of the green is a good target. Caution! Too far left makes a par save all but impossible.

Hole 12, Par 4 (404 m)
Bonville's toughest test. The aggressive player will attempt to cut the corner and risk losing a ball in the hazard, whilst the wise player will aim just right of the fairway bunkers. With your approach tot he green, be wary of the water which lurks to the right edge of the green.

Hole 13, Par 4 (370 m)
Are you ready to climb the mountain? The fairway bunker on the right side is reachable for most golfers, whereas the bunker on the left side will only be reached by the longer hitter. Take at least one extra club when hitting to the green, as it is a long way to reach the flag.

Hole 14, Par 5 (505 m)
The longest par five on the course. No hidden traps, just avoid the water on the left and the trees on the right.

Hole 15, Par 4 (357 m)
A great dog leg par four which is a highlight of the course. The tee shot should be played just to the right of the fairway bunker. Longer hitters may choose a three wood or long iron, so as not to hit it too far. Choosing the right club is very important for the second shot so as to avoid the pond in front of the green, and the creek running behind. The bailout side is to the right.

Hole 16, Par 4 (372 m)
Don't hit it left! For those who tend to draw or hook the ball, leave your driver in the bag. Keep it in play off the tee, then take one extra club when approaching the green, which slopes to the left.

Hole 17, Par 3 (142 m)
Don't be hypnotised by the reflections off the water. Take dead aim and make a confident swing! An exciting par three which keeps all players in suspense until the ball lands on solid ground.

Hole 18, Par 5 (460 m)
There is not better feeling than making sweet contact with your driver on the 18th hole at Bonville. To watch the ball fly long, straight and true, past the fairway bunker and within sight of the enormous green, flanked by the federation style Clubhouse. For those who are not so fortunate, the hole can be simply played as a three shot hole. Just be wary of the water in front of the green.

Course Dress Regulations


  • Collared Polo Shirt (Turtle neck mock polo shirts are acceptable)
  • Tailored Shorts or Trousers
  • No Cargo shorts
  • Dress Denim is permitted as long as it is not torn
  • Socks can be any length
  • All clothing to be kept neat and tidy


  • Collared Polo Shirts or Golfing Singlets are preferred
  • Skirts, Skorts or Shorts may be any length
  • Dress Denim is permitted as long as it is not torn
  • Socks can be any length
  • All clothing to be kept neat and tidy

Bonville Golf Resort promotes the use of soft spike golf shoes on the course. Flat soled sand shoes/ joggers are also acceptable.

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