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About the Destination

Japan is a country of surprises, formality, exemplary manners, reliable cars, sumo wrestling, sushi, and golf.

The Japanese people are proud of their four seasons which can be quite extreme in terms of weather conditions. This is why many Japanese courses have dual greens, one for summer and one for winter.

Japan consists of four main islands, Hokkaido in the north, Honshu the main island, Shikoku and the southernmost Kyushu. Additionally, there are many smaller islands, notably Okinawa.

There are more golf courses in Japan than the rest of Asia put together. With nearly 2,500 courses (and many more driving ranges) the Japanese are serious golf lovers and they have build some of the world's finest courses.

The entire tapestry and the full legacy of Japanese golf courses is mysteriously inviting and something every keen golfer should experience a number of times to fully appreciate.